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A Venetian Memory

I love the textures of Europe: old buildings with stained walls; stone work that has endured centuries of wear and tear; cobblestone streets.

After spending Christmas of 2013 on the Danube, taking a lovely cruise through 4 European countries, I was motivated to come home and get some of the textures of Europe on canvas. I wanted to attempt a landscape or cityscape.

Several years ago, when I began painting, I attempted to paint the setting that is in my new painting, “A Venetian Memory.” Although I relish the images and the romantic architecture that is Venice, to capture this on canvas was too much for me. I simply wasn’t up to it. The scope and detail overwhelmed me. I abandoned the painting.

But not the idea. When I returned from the Danube cruise, I revisited my photos of Venice. Was I an artist who was now prepared to take on this subject matter? Could I tackle this detailed environment? Could I capture the romantic and nostalgic mood that Venice so easily exudes?

That’s for you to decide. I finished the painting and was pleased with what I was able to accomplish. It’s very satisfying to finish something you couldn’t do at an earlier point in your career. Shows growth. Will my next cityscape be better? Probably.

And I’ll use that motivation as an excuse to travel Europe again to search for more textures! Now, if you’ll excuse me as I call my travel agent…