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A tribute to Fred Astaire, mixed media painting
Astaire Way To Heaven

It was a pleasure to experiment with textures, cards, holographic paper and mixed media with my British Invasion piece. Wanting to continue in this style and create a series of paintings, I next created “Astaire Way to Heaven,” paying homage to the greatest dancer film has ever known, Fred Astaire.

Could I capture dance with one image? Could I create a sense of the style of the 1930s? I enjoy art deco and wanted to pay homage to the art styles of the era, too.

Ultimately, whether I succeeded or not is up to the viewer, but I am pleased with the results and when I showed the painting to an art gallery owner, he said, “This screams Old Hollywood.” And he signed me for a one man exhibition that very afternoon.

I walked out of there dancing on clouds. And kicking up my heels. Move over, Fred!