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A tribute to Jean Harlow, multimedia painting
The Toothache

Oh, the joys of being in a dentist's chair! We all feel vulnerable as we sit back with our mouth wide open and wait for the dental army to invade.

As an artist, I want people to relate to my paintings. Feel a connection. We've all been in the dental chair before and with this painting, I wanted the viewer to be the person in the chair. As you're looking at the painting, don't you almost feel yourself with your mouth wide open? Don't you feel the light shining in your eyes? If you can even feel your mouth start to hurt, then I've really done my job.

It was fun putting this painting together. This pose never occurred. I added people and put it together piece by piece. I wanted the light to become of the personalities in the room and I think I've succeeded. The light is looking down our throat as much as anyone else in the room. Maybe more so.

So enjoy this piece of work and tell your friends about it. If you have it hanging in your house, it is sure to start conversations. And I think art should always start a conversation.