Sophia Loren wishes you a Happy New Year

As we usher out 2011 and welcome the New Year, here's a recent caricature oil I did of a young Sophia Loren. She's ushering in something in this picture but I don't think it's a new year. Enjoy!!

A Tribute to Buster Keaton

This is my homage to the late, great silent film star, Buster Keaton. His work made me laugh time and time again and he was able to solicite those laughs without saying a word. So that was my challenge with this painting. I struggled with my original painting and then Buster came to me in a dream. He showed me a surreal approach. So I woke up and the next morning I tried it Buster's way. Buster was known as Old Stoneface. Can you find 5 images from his old films here?
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